New week, new world.
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Our visual challenge on this project was to both distinguish and align three very different locations; the Scottish Highlands, Jerez and Florence.  The team at The Dalmore briefed the cinematography to represent the ‘whisky journey’ of the Cask Curation Series with active, surprising composition and movement – so we’ve employed a lot of handheld feel as well as aerial, dolly tracking and even a crash zoom if you can spot it.


The edit emerged once we found the ideal soundtrack and we risked a super choppy cut where we might have been tempted to linger shot-to-shot.

the final film

The result, we feel, makes people sit up and take notice – a feat also achieved by the spectacular Vermillion red leather packaging.  As ever, the opportunity to shoot with our full team on location in both Spain and Italy was wonderful and the creative team at The Dalmore really backed us to deliver something special.

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